Tuesday, April 20, 2004

That Skirt Looks Familiar...

Last night, after this blog got home from wherever I chose to spend a portion of my evening, my maternal unit approaches me with a skirt she'd recently purchased from the resale shop, owned by one of the local day schools, where she volunteers once a month.
"Blog," the maternal unit says, "do you like this skirt? I was thinking we could share it."
This blog looks at the skirt and happens to catch sight of the brand.
"That's funny!" the blog replies. "I already have the same one! Same size, same brand, same skirt!"

Amused, this blog then begins to search her closet, so she can show her maternal unit her perfectly matching skirt. Except that this blog's skirt is missing. It's not in the closet. Not in the laundry. Not hanging in the bathroom, where this blog finally remembered having left it hanging, after trying to get out a faint red pen mark.

With a nagging suspicion, this blog takes another look at her maternal unit's new purchase. And lo and behold! There is a faint red pen mark in the exact same spot!

"Maternal unit," this blog says, "I think you donated my skirt to the resale shop...and then bought it back for yourself."

Sure enough. Mystery solved. But at least I have my skirt back.

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