Monday, March 08, 2004

Purim Weekend Report

I'll start with Purim night, since that came first. After a lovely shabbos lunch by Joe, Gila, and the always adorable Adin, followed by a short walk, a few hours curled up on their loveseat, and then havdalah, Gila fitted me into her Professor McGonagall robe. Goodbye witch, hello leprechaun! I then raced home, bathed myself, changed into costume, and raced to shul. A few shots and a megillah reading later, I was on my way to the Chabad in Evanston, where I got to hear my buddy Velvel play in one of his 3 bands. All in all, a quality Purim night.

Purim day was probably even better, although the morning started a bit slow. But eventually, Velvel and Becky got me to WRP, where we heard what is quite possibly the best megillah reading possible (Yay, Matt Kanter!), passed around some shaloch manos, had a bissele liquor, and piled into the Veitur Bus.

The Veitur Bus was rockin'...literally. While I stayed fairly sober, some of my companions got fairly shickered, and sang so enthusiastically that the bus shook. It was wonderfully lebedig. A good time to be had by all.

The weekend ended with a concert at the Hothouse featuring the musical talents of Ra'ashan and the Rabbinical School Drop Outs. And then I went 'veitur' all the way to my bed. Time for schluffy.

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