Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Special Offer Just For You!

I received the following advertisement via e-mail today:

Diplomas from prestigious non-accredited universities

NO required tests, classes, books, or interviews.

Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diplomas available in the field of your choice - that's right, you can become a Doctor and receive all the benefits and admiration that comes with it!

No one is turned down.

CALL TODAY ---->> 1 - 270-573-8493 (24 hours) <<----

I wasted 3.5 years and I-won't-tell-you-how-much money going to an accredited university, when I could have made one simple phone call and gotten a degree from a non-accredited one! But not just any non-accredited university...a prestigious non-accredited university. What was I thinking?

To prevent others from dealing with the same regrets, this blog will now provide diplomas from Cara's World University. That's right! You can receive your own Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate in Bloggerology, or an MBA in Blog Management...all for the nominal fee of $19.95!

But Wait! That's not all!

Order in the next 5 minutes, and receive a Cara bobble-head doll ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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